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We have just carried out a FREE site survey at a property in Barnet which has just been burgled; they have an old alarm, but it has an old rusty bell box – just like this one!

This kind of bell box is over 25 years’ old, it is very old fashioned and many of the ones we have replaced have been heavily rusted.  This definitely gives the burglar the impression that the alarm is probably not working and will probably not ring to alert anyone of an intruder, therefore worth the risk!

The alarm at this property did go off and even texted the home owner, but unfortunately the burglar had already got in and done some damage to the property by that time.  The homeowner received the text and was nearby so rushed home to find the burglar making his way out the back.  That’s what has upset her the most – that someone has been in her property and gone through her things.  The first thing she said was “I want to move now!”  That’s a common cry from victims just burgled but it is a very expensive option with legal fees, estate agent fees, stamp duty, removal men etc.

A much better option would be to get a new alarm with an up to date bell box proudly showing our logo and name.  This is a clear message to the would-be intruder that this property has a modern, maintained, alarm system, possibly with monitoring and possibly with Police response. 

We believe an intruder alarm and it’s bell box to be the first line of defence against intruders.  It is true that if they were determined enough to get in then nothing would stop them, but the Police state that 70% of burglaries occur at properties WITHOUT an alarm! 

TIP:  Have a look around your property and review your security.  Check out our website for Tips on keeping your property safe and secure or call Third Eye Installation Systems – 0208 368 1080 – to get a quote for a new alarm!  We are surprisingly reasonable and very efficient, as well as being NSI Gold accredited.  Don’t put it off, make it part of your Spring Clean to secure your home for your family and peace of mind.