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Now that the good weather has arrived, many refurbishment projects will be underway and homeowners will be discussing their plans with architects, builders and planning departments – it is endless!  However, many people forget to consider the security of their property.  After spending many thousands of pounds on improving your home you really should consider getting the best protection for your family.  Sadly many homeowners forget this vital service and unless you are happy with us taking up floorboards and carpets we would recommend installing a wireless system.


If Third Eye were invited along at the beginning of the project we would be able to plan where to run cables for all the security systems, including intruder alarm, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, CCTV, door intercom, security lighting and even security safes. 


We are currently waiting to return to several sites where we have carried out the first fix e.g. cabling, and then once the builders have progressed to skimming the walls we will return to install the relevant security systems. 


Our intruder alarms are Grade 2 insurance approved and can be bells only (the siren will ring), bells and text (the siren will ring and the panel will call your phone), monitored (the siren will ring and the monitoring station will call you to discuss action required), Police response (they would be called to a confirmed intrusion). 


TIP:  If you are planning your refurbishment or even just started, give us a call for a FREE site survey to ensure your family and home are kept safe and secure.  Let us “Keep a Secure EYE on your Home and Business” call us on 0208 368 1080.