Access Control in Barnet and Surrounding Areas

We provide a range of access control systems which give that added level of security and allow you to monitor who has entered the property or restricted area. We are able to supply and install magnetic swipe cards that issue warning alerts for any entry/exit interference e.g. where a door is being forced or held open.

A popular choice is the audio / visual system whereby you can remotely view your visitors and therefore control entry of unwanted guests. This is especially ideal for our domestic customers to avoid opening their front door to strangers.

We can also install wall mounted handsets to any location to suit all requirements. Each handset provides speech, a video image of the caller and various auxiliary buttons. We can provide wireless handsets to allow you the convenience of answering the door from any room in the premises, giving you further flexibility.

Benefits of Access Control Systems in Barnet

  • Control over access to a room or building
  • Audio and video door entry verification
  • Protection of employees and sensitive information
  • To keep equipment secure, including vending machines, office equipment, PCs etc.
  • Increased security
  • No need to change locks when employees leave – just remove their ID
  • Electronic access control is a completely flexible system

Also serving Whetstone

Access can be restricted to cardholders automatically, meaning that access cards can be cancelled at any time so your business is never put at risk. You can designate areas with time zones to allow entry to individuals at certain times of the day.

About this Service...

  • Wired or wireless door intercoms
  • Swipe cards
  • Finger print recognition
  • Proximity tags
  • Intercom complete with video entry
  • Pin and or swipe/ proximity readers for extra security

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